Monday, November 28, 2016

Guess Who's Back


Ok, truth be told, I got a little bored with not doing something different and fun in my life. I work a lot, which is cool; but, I miss having something to talk about or do. So, with that in mind, the blog's gonna be revived. I'm going to talk about cool stuff and have fun with it. Let's see how this goes.

Be sure to stop by and say hi, share, and support.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grid 2: Why I Still Can't Give a Review

So Grid 2 has officially been out for 2 days now in North America and most people seem to be enjoying it. Except me!

No, I don't dislike it or hate it. Nor do I think it's a bad game. It's just that I haven't even gotten it yet. This seems like a silly thing to write about doesn't it? Except it's not. Awhile back, back when my blog was over on wordpress, I wrote about Customer Disservice. I even bashed one of the people I am an affiliate for. Not because I hate them, but because they constantly screw the consumer.

If you're wondering who I am talking about, I'm talking about Best Buy. Not that all of Best Buy sucks, it's just certain parts. Specifically it's my local Best Buy the sucks. Some of the employees are really cool and kind individuals whom I believe are excellent Sales Associates and would hire if I were in charge. For the most part though, the place is run by clowns.

Here's my biggest, freshest reason why I hate on them. I preordered Grid 2 over a week before release, yet I DON'T FLIPPIN HAVE IT!. Why? BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T ORDER IT!!!!!

Are you kidding me bro? Like, for real. You're telling me that you can't honor my preorder, and at this point I'll likely miss out on my IndyCar DLC (the only reason I preordered) because you clowns are too stupid to place the order?

This has got to be the biggest slap in my face. I've spent, and my parents have spent, a few thousand bucks in this place over the last few years. I had to purchase a new computer for work because mine wasn't running anymore, I bought it there and did all the fancy protection. Then, I bought a new TV in there when mine crapped out. Same thing, went all out on protection just because I have some bad luck.

But now, the second time in the past year, I preordered something from a store I continually purchase from, and they don't order my game. Last March they did it with MLB 2k12 (I ordered the double pack for NBA to sell to a friend) and this week it is with Grid 2. When I'll finally get it, I have no idea when nor do they, but I hope they honor me and give me the money for my DLC if I don't get my game before the deadline.

So, while you're all enjoying Grid 2 this week do me a favor and think about me. And, if you're local Best Buy does the same crap to you I suggest you file a lot of complaints. I'm tired of us, the consumers who spend our hard earned cash, getting screwed over. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

EP. 4: Bristol, Gettin' Jimmie Jonson'ed

Race 4 of the NASCAR The Game: The Inside Line Career Mode takes place in Bristol. After a good qualification and a couple of incidents, I make my way back to 15th with 5 to go. Watch and see how it turns out.